Elections in Azerbaijan

President: Heudat Älirza oglu Äliyev (1993/1998) YAP
Prime minister: Artur Rasi-Zade (1996) YAP
The president is elected for a five year by the people. The president was elected unopposed at 3 october 1993. The government is formed by the YAP.

President: 11 october 1998 %
Heydar Älirza oglu Äliyev 76.1
Ehtibar Mamedov (AMIP) 11.6
Nizami Suleymanov 8.6
Firuddin Hasanov (AKP) 0.9
Ashraf Mehdiyev 0.9
Hanhüseyn Kazimli 0.2
Source: Central Election Commission

The Milli Mejlis (National Assembly) has 125 members, 100 members elected for a five year term in single-seat constituencies and 25 members elected by proportional representation.

Milli Mejlis: 12 and 26 november 1995 and 4 february 1996 % 125
Yeni Azerbaycan Partiyasi
(New Azerbaijan Party, authoritarian)
YAP . 67
Azerbaycan Khalq Cabhasi
(Popular Front of Azerbaijan, reformist)
AKC . 4
Azerbaycan Milli Istiqlal Partiyasi
(Azerbaijan National Independence Party, nationalist)
AMIP . 4
Azad Sahibkartar Partiyasi
(Entrepreneurs Party, centrist)
ASP . 2
Citizen's Solidarity Party CSP . 1
Azerbaycan Müsteqil Demokrat Partiyasi
(Azerbaijan Independent Democratic Party)
AMDP . 1
Non-affiliated - . 46
Parties barred from participation:
  • Yeni Musavat Partiyasi (New Equality Party, progressive centrist)
  • Azerbaycan Vahid Kommunist Partiyasi (Azerbaijan United Communist Party, communist)
  • Umid Partiyasi (Hope Party)
  • Popular Democratic Party
  • Source: IPU

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