(Declaration of Support and Solidarity with the People and the Government of the Republic of Belarus)

For long ago it is a public secret that the way things are going on in the Republic of Belarus are not to the liking of the Masters of the current "New World Order". The successive attempts to overthrow the legitimate Government of this country by means of "soft", "velvet" or "orange" revolutions that proved so successful in the other countries of Eastern Europe and in several of the Soviet Republics failed. Recently there are a number of indications, however, that obviously the US/EU/NATO/World Bank/IMF imperialists are "switching over" to another, still TOUGHER techniques of their openly hegemonic interventionist attitude and policies in regards to this, so obviously UNOBEDIENT state and its people. It is extremely troubling that these techniques remind very much the ways and means through which the road to an open military aggression had been already previously "paved" in the cases of other, equally rebellious and disobedient countries like Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.
Earlier this year it was announced that on August 24th the governments of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and the Ukraine declared a practical extinction of all relations with the Republic of Belarus, its Government and Institutions. Alongside with this, the Government of Germany declared its decision to start regular broadcasts in Byelorussian on issues of the internal situation in Byelorussia on the wavelengths and by means of the technology of the German National Radio. The money for these broadcasts are to be allocated by the European Commission (the Government of EU).

Both these acts present cases of flagrant violations of all norms and postulates of the existent system of the International Law and are nothing else but open interfering into the internal affairs of a sovereign country like Belarus. This country had been the one to suffer most of all and to give most casualties (given the relative size of its territory and population) than anyone else in Europe and in the World in the years of WWII. This factor, added to the heroic struggle of its population against the aggressors of the "New World Order" of those days, had given Belarus the right and highly moral privilege to be among the initial co-founders of the UN organisation in the days when it still symbolised the best expectations of Humanity for justice, better chances, prosperity and happiness for more people the world over. This country had in no way provoked the aggressive policies towards it that have been already mentioned before.
It is even more troubling that all the states (except Ukraine) that have so far declared such acts of discrimination and interference into the internal affairs of a sovereign neighbour country are full-fledged members of EU. It signifies that the European Union is as much an instrument of arbitrary interventions and aggressions as the USA, NATO and the Gross-Financial circles and invested interests. They are the ones that determine and shape the EU policies. It willingly joined and participated in the first "Gulf War" against Iraq in 1991. Its members were and still are among the active aggressors against Yugoslavia all through the 1990-tes - nowadays included. Their troops joined the 2001 aggression against Afghanistan - and are still there.

Nowadays they are apparently aiming at Belarus. (Besides, as if to commpensate certain hesitations regarding the USA's aggression against Iraq, the EU today is apparently on the frontline, actively trying to justify the coming aggression on Iran too, allegedly on the pretext of UN's inspection of Iran's nuclear programs!) The aggressions against Yugoslavia, Iraq, etc. also started with increasingly toughening measures of isolation, embargoes, sanctions, etc on the side of the puppet regimes around them and the world over. They were accompanied by extremely intensive propaganda campaigns worldwide, accusing the target-countries of being "intolerant", "undemocratic" or ruled by "dictatorships". There was not much variety either in the immediate policies or in the brainwashing propaganda patterns that meant both to bring about and to justify those policies of unprovoked interventions and aggressions.
The "terrifying" images of the "beast-like monster-dictators" like Milosevic (in Yugoslavia), "notorious" Saddam Hussein (in Iraq) or people like Mollah Omar and others (in Afghanistan) were deliberately offered to the world public as "sound evidence" to prove both "urgent necessity" and "right cause" of a full-fledged military action against them. What resulted were not "wars against the dictators" but rather against the whole of their respective countries and Nations. The bombs and missiles that were thrown and launched indiscriminately by tens and hundreds of thousands against the towns and villages of Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc. apparently did not hit any of the personalities mentioned above but rather the men and women, the adults and the children of these and other "target-countries" of the Masters of the "New World Order" of today.
The war and foreign occupation of Yugoslavia evidently did not end with the criminal abduction of President Milosevic and his illegitimate imprisonment in the Hague. Neither they lose either of their intensity or scope in Iraq after the announced detainment of Saddam Hussein. People like Mollah Omar and others from Afghanistan totally disappeared somewhere after they were shown a couple of times by the world media in the late fall of 2001 in the capacity of being the ones to bring about military attacks against that country. The war there, however, has hardly any chance to end, no matter that nothing has ever been heard at all either of Mollah Omar or anybody of his kind.

Nowadays the all-obedient mainstream media is likely to produce and multiply around the world ever increasing items of "fresh" evidence of "misbehaviour", "illegitimacy" and "arbitrariness" on the side of the TERRIBLE "Dictator": Lukashenko of Belarus. No one should ever expect to hear, read or see even a single line, hint or "byte" of information, say, on the status of the Medicare or education in this country (that are - how terrible indeed! - still free of charge and accessible to all!) Nothing will be heard also of the overall development of the economy without any massive shutdowns of enterprises and millions of unemployed like in the rest of the already "reformed" and "successfully democratised" Eastern Europe. To be against Milosevic in 1999 - both before and after it - meant to be against Yugoslavia - to be against Saddam Hussein in 2002-2003 and after - as the imperialist propaganda insisted - was to be against Iraq itself. It is hardly possible to be against Belarus both today and in the days to come if you are against LUKASHENKO!
These are the realities of the world we all have to live in. The people of good will and progressive ideas worldwide should not allow THIS TIME to be so easily cheated and deceived like so many times before with "EVIL" demonising images and - "fairy-tale" stories of the Next-in-turn "MONSTER-Dictator" of Lukashenko! A war against "His Dictatorship" will not be "war against him" but against the whole country of Belarus, against its Nature, against its People, and everything they had so far created and still dispose of for their own benefit and prosperity. Belarus has disposed, and still desposes of an extremely big portion of the high-tech, heavy and high-precision industry of USSR, the defence one in particular. This potential of Belarus still turns it into an extremely important factor in the world of today in spite of the relatively small size of its territory and population. This immense potential obviously enables and will further enable its authorities to carry out policies that will be of exclusive benefit and prosperity for its people notwithstanding all blockades, "sanitary belts" and sanctions against it.

All this offers enough "good" reasons to the "New World Order" imperialists to plans and aspire towards the complete and total destruction and annihilation of all the productive potential of the country. Open intervention and war against it are the steps that (so far!) have not been tried against the "Lukashenko regime". Apparently, the time for them is coming.
Evidently, it is the EU that this time has been specially "HONOURED" to elaborate, provoke, initiate, start and carry out THIS "New World Order" venture. The more than twenty dignitaries from various countries of Europe and the world who had been summoned to Warsaw in the last days of August 2005 to celebrate the "Glorious" 25th Anniversary of the CIA/Vatican-sponsored anti-Socialist subversive organisation "Szolidarnoszcz" were obviously expected to do SOME OTHER work as well. (The current Prime Minister of Bulgaria also participated in the Warsaw event. It is noteworthy that shortly after the celebrations the Bulgarian Ambassador to Byelorussia was seen in Sofia - obviously to be consulted and to receive certain important instructions…)
It is hard to imagine that hints, if not practical consultations of the possibilities to enlarge the new-in-turn "Coalition of the WILLING" (-nilling) - this time against Belarus - were not made in Warsaw during the (Spy and Secret Service) "Szolidarnoszcz" celebrations earlier this fall. The two principle figures in the event were former US State Secretary Madeleine Albright and former "Szolidarnoszcz" (of the agents of the Secret Services) "HERO", Lech Waleza. Mrs. Albright has been behind everything carried out against Yugoslavia ever since the US/NATO bombardment of Bosnia, the Rambouillet process, the open military aggression against Yugoslavia in 1999, etc., etc. Lech Waleza's REAL activities have apparently become in the course of time too well-known to many people since the Gdansk workers - where "Szolidarnoszcz" was said to have originated - have decided to organise a celebration of their own - of the ""Szolidarnoszcz" of the Workers" - in contrast to the "Szolidarnoszcz" of the Secret Service Agents, as they addressed the corresponding events in Warsaw. This Lech Waleza, by the way, had loudly boasted for Reuters that he had been the one… to bring about the "victory" of the "orange revolution" in Ukraine earlier in 2004. In his words "the peaceful solution" there had been accomplished… after his talks with Yushchenko's rival in the Presidential Elections there. He said to Reuters that during those talks he had warned Presidential candidate Yanukovic "to take care not to be hanged up on a street lamp" in case he goes on with his campaign. It is difficult to imagine that "birds of such a feather" can have whatsoever different ideas in relation to, say, Belarus.

For this reason all people of good will in Europe and world-wide should incessantly be on the alert and keep a very close watch on everything that is going on and will be going on around Belarus and within it in the days, weeks or months to come. In relation to this we suggest that a permanent "Belarus Watch" Group be immediately set up that will co-ordinate all the information available on the situation in this part of Europe and the world and the plans and moods of the "New World Order" imperialism there.
Imperialists always prefer to act in darkness - both in regards of information and direct actions. They start feeling embarrassed and even frightened once that the HIGHLIGHTS are upon them, their plans and performances. For this reason, what we CAN immediately do - and SHOULD do - in regards to Belarus, is to pay a close attention to any single sign or hint in the fields of propaganda and of real politics that may possibly give any information for the plans or moves of the World Imperialism against this next-in-turn "target-country" - that will reveal further the Imperialism's incessant appetites and ambitions.
Once such information is available, it should be made known, of course, to the world public as quickly as possible. We think that the Northstar Compass already enjoys enough worldwide popularity and experience to undertake such a noble mission as well. As far as we are concerned, we are determined to start and carry out such kind of work among the public of Bulgaria and all people and organisations throughout the world we have contacts with.
So - "IF not WE, then - WHO? (And) IF not NOW, then - WHEN?!" Once we start working - we will have a CHANCE of Winning!

Sincerely yours:
Initiative Group of Information and Solidarity with Belarus
(Sofia, the Balkans)